ABOUT Brian Osborne

Osborne Law Firm


Having lived and worked as an attorney in Ventura County for more than twenty-five years, I have been committed to helping the people of my community for my entire career.

So when the Thomas fire and mudslides devastated my own property, as well as my friends’ and clients’ homes and businesses, I wanted to take action. I had previously represented a client whose father was killed in the Butte Wildfire in 2015; in that case there were thousands of lawsuits brought against the utility company that caused the fire, and I observed all of the wildfire attorneys in action, both good and bad.

One group stood out to me above the others: Corey Danko Gibbs. I know the lawyers at Corey Danko Gibbs are the best of the best; they go above and beyond for their clients, and the results they have achieved really stand out.

“I completely trust Corey Danko Gibbs to represent my interests, as well as my clients’, and our community.”